We Have Perfected our Insurance Restoration Process and We Call It

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Take a Closer Look at 6 Steps of Insurance Restoration

Step 1. Our 360 Property Inspection

Crown Exteriors Specialist will conduct a thorough property inspection of your house or your commercial building to determine the extent of damage to the following:​​

  • Roof
  • Decking
  • Rain gutters and downspouts​
  • Fence
  • Window screens
  • Window frames and window glass
  • Garage doors
  • Etc. ​

We will provide you with a written report and photos, which you may later submit to your insurance company as proof of hail damage to your home. ​

Step 2. Estimating and Insurance Process

During our first visit we will provide you with the information regarding the insurance industry’s standards so you could make more knowledgeable decisions. Our Insurance Restoration Expert will not force this on you. We are nice and caring people. We care for home and property owners. That’s our job. We are glad to share the knowledge of insurance claims.


  • What is Xactimate? (Over 85% of insurance companies use it)
  • What is Hover report?
  • Importance of Building Codes – IRC 2015, IBC, IECC
  • What’s wrong with this adjuster’s inspection? (case study)

Insurance Procedures

Myths vs. Facts

  • RCV, ACV and Depreciation
  • Increased Premiums
  • 3 Estimates

Filing an Insurance Claim

When we verify hail damage to the property we advise you to call your insurance company with us. We would like to do it for you but we cannot only because it is the requirement of the insurance companies and by the law it is not allowed for us to file a claim on your behalf.

What we can and will do is to provide you with the extensive Property Inspection Report that you can forward to your insurance company. We will leave you a hard copy and can email a digital copy to you upon request. When you file a claim, use our form Filing Claim provided in our Presentation Folder. There is one important thing to be remembered, requesting your insurance company permission for your contractor of choice to be present at the time of the adjuster inspection.

If necessary and only upon your request, we will do temporary repairs and cover the roof with tarps as soon as possible to prevent your house from further damages.

Meeting with Insurance Adjuster

After you file a claim, and insurance adjuster is assigned to your claim he/she will be scheduled to come out to verify the damages and to create an inspection that will almost always miss some very important items like roof elements that definitely have to be completed when replacing a roof. But that’s not a problem because your insurance adjuster will mention that if he missed anything, we can notify him before starting the work to make corrections to his inspection. Our Roofing Specialist will meet with the adjuster as a courtesy of our services. Our policy is to let the adjuster do his/her job and not interfere unless a significant mistake about the claim is being made.

Once you have an insurance claim number, you should notify our Roofing Specialist about the day and time when the insurance adjuster will be inspecting the roof. This way we can be there for you and pinpoint little things here and there that insurance adjusters in rush very often get to miss. Very often so called field adjuster is not authorized to take into account certain items when creating an inspection. Those items have to be taken to the so called desk adjuster or sometimes a manager for approval before we begin any work on the restoration project. We would not stress this much but among those missed items are often items that are required by the local city building codes and we cannot violate the building code when constructing your roof. We always make sure that we adhere to the building codes. Doing so ensures that your roof is done right.

Our property assessment is always documented with pictures and supported by the IRC (International Residential Code) and the current adopted city codes. We understand the construction part of the Restoration Project very well and take it seriously when it comes to building the roofs up to code.

Step 3. Homeowner Project Review

Once we receive approval from your insurance company we will schedule a meeting with you to go over the following:

  • Scope of Work
  • Brands and products selection
  • Project management details

Step 4. Project Planning

In our office, we will make sure we have everything ready for the day of roof replacement and we will schedule all other jobs related to the claim. ​

  • Management Review
  • Project Planning
  • City Permit
  • Scheduling
  • Material Orders
  • Job Orders

Step 5. Project Completion

Delivering Material

Our roofing materials are usually delivered in the morning of the day of the roof replacement.

Receiving Material Drop Check

When the materials are delivered, which is usually in the morning on the day of installation Roofing Specialist will do a thorough inspection and make sure all of the materials are delivered and are in the right colors, and everything is correct. Also, at that time, our Roofing Specialist will collect the first check you will have received from the insurance. In the construction industry, it’s called a “Material Drop Check”, because the materials have been dropped off at the work site.

Restoring the Property

We start our roof replacements usually in the very morning around 7 AM. Once the Material Drop Check has been picked up, we will replace your roof and do other repairs required for your property. It usually takes one to two days to replace the roof depending on the size and complexity. All other parts of the project such as gutter, window screens, etc., are done after roof installation.

Managing the Project

On the day of roof construction, the Roofing Specialist and Project Manager will be at your property to meet with the crew to make sure any special instructions you might have been followed. Our Assurance Manager and Crew Supervisor will also be involved in the project completion success.

​Completing Final Inspection

​Once everything is completed, you and Roofing Specialist or Quality Assurance Manager will go over the Inspection Checklist together, point-by-point, to confirm everything has been completed to your satisfaction.

Here are the items we pay close attention to:

  • Protect the property
  • Cover the pool
  • Remove old layers of roofing
  • Inspect decking
  • Inspect and fix wall flashings
  • Apply Ice & Water Shield
  • Install Valley Metal or I&WS
  • Install Synthetic Underlayment
  • Install new shingles

Step 5. Project Completion

After completion of the work on your house, we will provide you with a warranty and our Accounting Staff will invoice your insurance company for the remainder of the money that is owed for the project. Your insurance check will arrive in 2-4 weeks.

When you receive final payment from your insurance company, a Roofing Specialist will come to your house to pick up the final check and present you with the following:

  • Our Thank You Package
  • Written Warranty Issued
  • Lien Release Issued

Let Us Advocate For You

We advocate for homeowners, like a lawyer advocates for a client in the courtroom.  Let us be your trusted restoration services provider while delivering exceptional-workmanship, superior value and 100% satisfaction. Click for a free inspection to see what projects Crown Exteriors can get done for you.