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Gutter Repair and Installation in the Twin Cities

Gutters are vital to maintaining the health of a building and its foundation. If your roof drainage system is performing sub-optimally and needs repairs, or if you have a home or commercial building lacking gutters, our Twin Cities technicians are here to help.

After inspecting your current drainage system, we can discuss your options, your needs and budget, the condition and architecture of your residential or commercial building, and your preferred aesthetic. Once we understand what you need, we will get to work, keeping you informed of the process and any changes we need to make as we complete the job. Regardless of the gutters or repairs you choose, you will also receive a lifetime limited warranty, giving you peace of mind and a resource in case something goes wrong.

With over 50 years of combined experience, our team at Crown Exteriors provides optimal customer service, seamless work, and complete transparency. You can count on us for gutter repair and installation in the Twin Cities, Washington County, and St. Paul.

If you want to get started on a new gutter system or need repairs, call us at (651) 236-9227 to schedule a free inspection.

Are Gutters Necessary for My Home or Business? 

Gutters are an essential feature of many buildings, designed to channel and safely drain rainwater away from a structure. They play a vital role in protecting your building and its foundation from the detrimental effects of water damage. By redirecting water into drainage systems and away from weak points such as windows, doors, and other areas susceptible to damage due to prolonged contact with moisture, gutters help to prevent moisture buildup around your property, protecting it from flood damage

Another valuable function of gutters is that they prevent erosion, which can have far-reaching consequences when it comes to maintaining your property's structural integrity over time. Pools of standing water on your roof can break down wooden structures when exposed for long periods, allowing for dangerous fungi and mold that can eventually cause severe damage and potential health hazards if left unchecked. Properly installed gutters will channel this water away efficiently, reducing the danger posed by excess moisture while helping maintain your property's value and structural integrity over the long term.

Types of Gutters We Offer

Whether your property is commercial or residential, you want the best protection you can get. You may even want to maintain a specific style.

We offer numerous types of gutters, including: 

  • Seamless Gutters: A classic, reliable choice, these gutters are highly durable and resistant to splitting and cracking. We can fully customize them for any home or business.
  • Sectional Gutters: These are a more affordable option than seamless gutters; however, what you save in costs, you pay for in potential leaks. These gutters are made in sections and connected at the seams. 
  • Box-Style Gutters: These are best for those who appreciate the look of homes built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Each set is custom-made with wooden frames, providing an effective drainage system and a historical look. The only real drawback is that they require more delicate and consistent maintenance than their metal counterparts due to the wooden frame’s susceptibility to rot. 
  • Half-Round Gutters: Another throwback to the early twentieth century, these gutters are easy to clean and highly resistant to wear and tear. Do not mistake their anachronistic look as an indication that they are outdated, as these modern gutters are sturdy and dependable. 
  • K-Style Gutters: These gutters are seamless, making them exceptionally resistant to leaks. They are sought after because they are easy to install and have an elegant aesthetic that is not unlike interior trim.
  • Gutter Guards: Though not technically a drainage system, gutter guards are invaluable to those who do not want to deal with unexpected clogs and emergency cleanings. They are installed atop gutter troughs, keeping out debris and eliminating the potential for clogs. 

When to Have Your Gutters Repaired

If you're unsure if your gutters need repairs, there are several indications to look for. Check for signs of sagging or bowing in the trenches, as they could point to water damage and potential roof problems. If there are cracks in the material, you will likely require a repair or a replacement in cases of extensive damage. 

Other signs of trouble include:

  • Loose Seams
  • Resilient Clogs
  • Rust Spots

To get an accurate assessment of whether or not your gutters need repair or replacement, contact us as soon as possible. We are happy to diagnose and repair any issues you have during an inspection.

How Often Should I Clean My Gutters?

Routine maintenance of gutters is essential to maintain the optimal functioning of a residence. It is advisable to perform gutter cleaning biannually, in the spring and fall, to eliminate debris such as leaves and avert blockages. Nevertheless, variables such as the density of trees and prevailing weather conditions may dictate a need for more frequent cleaning. Consistent care guarantees effective drainage and mitigates the risk of potential water damage to the home.

Top-Quality Gutters in St. Paul, the Twin Cities and the Surrounding Metro

Your home or commercial building represents a massive investment. A dependable drainage system is essential to protect it from Minnesota’s harsh weather. We have worked hard to become a trusted destination for gutter repair and installation in the Twin Cities and are proud to provide exemplary results, flexible options, and integrity to each of our customers.

If you are interested in fixing the issues with your current gutter system or want to install a new one, call us at (651) 236-9227 or contact us online.

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